Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's a Tie!

Well, here's another word play pinup type girl that I've been meaning to finish for some time before I travel overseas.

But being the artist that(I think)I am, I can never decide what I like more when getting close to the finish line that is my artwork. I couldn't decide whether or not for her to sport glasses, so I have two different versions of her. Heck, I actually have multiple versions of this: nude(sans legwarmers), right arm hiding behind her, white background..etc.


Anyhoo, here's just two versions so I can save everybody a headache in seeing all the other versions(unless they want to see them).

Also, I ended up updating my Sox Sells one after an anonymous person posted on my page about an anatomy correction, to which they were absolutely right. It's a shame they decided to keep in hiding, so I can give them a shout out(though, I think I already know who it was).
Either way, thank you for help :)!

Oh, yeah. One more thing, she supposed to be Asian :/

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