Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Roller Derby "Yo Face!" Gal

Don't even know if that made sense, but at 3 am in the morning, what really does.
Regardless, I had alot of fun working on this these past few days. So much that I want to do another one very soon. Originally, I had a large adhesive bandage on the heart but I felt that it was a bit distracting, and had to scrap it. Perhaps the next one that I do will be better suited for it, since the pose won't get in the way of the bg as much as this.

This was also the first time I inked the art completely in Photoshop. Was nice, but the feeling of a real brush really can't be compared. They both have their pros and cons, (but I won't bore anybody reading with that) and I'd like to explore the digital route a bit more, considering that I've heard Sketchbook pro and Art Rage have a better variety of in brush tools. So, we'll see.

Anywho...I hope whoever is reading or visiting this...enjoy :D