Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wonder Woman inks

Well, the inks are finally finished....I used mainly a Japanese calligraphy brush pen that a friend gave to me a year ago and I absolutely love it. It's clean precise and smooth. I also used a Loew-Cornell #6 brush as well for some of the hair details and fill ins. I tried to use this Windsor and Newton white acrylic ink but it didn't work as well as I thought it would.
Maybe I'll invest in real acrylics next time.
I also had to do a slight image adjustment in PS cause of her proportions and also cleaned up some areas of her hair that didn't work.

Nothing to hide.

Still have a long ways to go to be a Derek Fridolfs(pro) :)


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wonder Woman

Hopefully this will look better in ink and maybe try to grayscale it oldskool styles afterwards.


Monday, June 2, 2008

DC Trinity sketch

So when it comes to drawing superheroes, there are two characters that have always been the biggest challenge for me: one is Superman, and the other is the Punisher. Ironically, these are two of my favorite characters too :P
Maybe it's because they aren't wearing a mask or anything fancy on their faces. I dunno.
Personally I think it's the character themselves. Cause the way I see it, their faces embody the character--it really can't be this generic looking face with a strong chin and chiseled cheekbones wearing the costume.

Well, that's how it works for me. I'm never happy with how those characters ever come out, but I was really content with this one. I think I was able to capture a good look for Supes. Reading what Alex Ross said about Superman and how he should always look timeless and not fit into an era really broke that "artist block" I had with this character. After that it was much easier to do, I even gave him some really black wavy hair that I think helped give him the timeless look.

I apologize for all this ranting for this one sketch, but hotdammit, I'm stoked that I drew a Superman I like!

And you know the other cats here too. Batman is Batman, and Wonder woman is whole nother' story :)

And what's with my "S"?!!