Friday, March 11, 2011


Did this this morning. About 20 mins tops...? I feel the urge to do a whole lot more of him very soon.

Fairy UX

It's named after my new Wacom Cintiq that my fiancee got me!!! How can you not love a women who does this for you? She's my life and every reason I motivate myself to better myself as an artist.
Finally finished coloring this bad boy-er, girl a few weeks ago. I also decided to add some clothes to her cause I said I was going to, and wanted to follow through. Also, cause it just seemed too plain without anything on.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Riding Hood

I just copied and pasted what I wrote on Facebook. Too lazy to write something new :P

Got to as close as to finished as I'll ever get. So, aside from the fairy one that I did(I'll still get back to that one) when I was breaking in my new tablet, I randomly started painting this one too. Took about a week total on and off.

I think seeing those trailers for that new Riding Hood movie got me inspired to paint a more child-like and fun version. Besides, that movie is being direct from the person responsible for Twilight, so I'm doing whatever I can to get that taste out my mouf! >:(