Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pencak Silat warrior

Been watching this documentary series about two guys learning different martial arts styles for 5 days and then having them fight a martial arts master of that particular style. It's cool. So one of the styles I really liked watching was the Pencak Silat style. It's an Indonesian style that incorporates knives and sticks with hand to hand combat. So, I tried to incorporate the garb as well as the knife they use, but I think I'm off on the weapon. Hopefully, I'll have this colored too soon.
I need to fix dem feet. He has no weight on him...but that's what happens when you draw too close to the bottom of the paper :/

Retro Space Man from outer space!

Okay. So he's not from outer space, but you get the gist. I'm working on coloring it at the moment, so hopefully, I'll have it done soon :)