Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Princess Power!!!

This was such a cool show when I was growing up, and I still get nostalgic when I see it(as well as a huge crush for me as a young boy) . This was suppose to be a spur of the moment thing in the beginning that ended up being the complete opposite. I was so frustrated with the original, that I ended up redrawing the damn thing out of complete stubbornness.

I still don't like it.

This goes to show that I need to get back to the fundamentals and practice my anatomy, particularly faces.

*sigh* the life of an artist is a journey with no destination.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ideas that once were but never...

Oh man, talk about the golden oldies!
When we were young and knew nothing about the comic industry, a few good friends(even till this day) and I had all these great ideas for these characters, in hopes of getting them published that never came to be. Not the usual spandex stuff too, you know?

Although, a few of them, like my Amy America were created more recently, as opposed to some others, I still think they have some great potential. That and they were alot of fun to draw :)

On and off, this took about a week to finally get to this point.(GTA is the culprit!) I think there was more, pencil-wise that I could have tightened up, but I think I got the important parts of what I wanted out of it.

But enough talk, have at you!

all characters are copyrighted n stuff too, so don't get any ideas! ;P


Sketchy Sketch

Work was bit slow in the evening, so I did (tried) a quick sketch. Sometimes it hard to visually bring out the image that you have in your head onto a medium, be it paper or digital, you're never happy with it. Just content.

But that's what sums up being an artist I guess.

...well, for me it is.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Marvel Sketches

After watching Iron Man, I've been itching to draw some Marvel characters.
This was drawn on a miniature-sized comic page notepad(8x5?) that I got free at a con one time.
I'll be drawin' some more real soon :)

Have a good weekend!


The Baroness

My buddy and his wife asked me if I could draw her as the Baroness from G.I.joe.
I finally finished the darn thing and added the pistol, which I was trying to avoid.
You can see the almost finished version on my deviantart gallery to see what it looked like before this one.

Hope it looks like her. That's always the toughest part.