Friday, January 22, 2010

Here we go....Vandal Hearts Flames of Judgement Concept Art Pt.1

So, the game that our company worked on was released this week on Xbox Live and PSN and the reviews on the game have been about average. Which is great for me cause at least it's not getting destroyed by the hard core SRPG fans. ALTHOUGH...heh, I can't say the same about the art. And as much as I thought that after reading all of the negativity about the art, I would have been taken it personally, but I didn't. Instead I laughed at some of the things reviewers had to say about it.I think things like this really make you stronger. I am in no way a great concept artist--I'm just like every other aspiring artists trying to do my best with what skills I have all the while doing my job for the company that I thoroughly enjoy working for. It's all baby steps.
It's getting late and I need to get some sleep, but I will be writing more with each new concept I put up on here, so you can see what I went through to get these done. And even perhaps get some insight on the process I went through.

I can't even concentrate at the moment cause I'm freakin' falling asleep here, but here's some stuff that should pass the time.

Who knows who will see this, but it's up and thank you for taking the time to visit.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year, new COMPLETED painting XD

Wow. I never thought that I would follow through with this painting, but I'm glad I did. I have to thank Jon McConnell for helping me out with this. His knowledge of colors is on an Einstein level! It really felt good to see this to the end, I almost gave up on it. But I can totally see the difference now with all the suggestion from my previous post. I'm in no way trying to toot my own horn, it's far from perfect, but I am content with the results.
I don't know why I decided to paint "the man of all action men" as a caricature(probably cause I've done many caricatures of him), but I know that another person at the weekly sketchgroup has done some pretty impressive caricature stuff and that more than likely has inspired me. This also coincides with me wanting to try PSCS2 on my new laptop. So far, so good. It has crashed a few times, but I'm reading on forums that it has something to do with Windows 7.

Man, I miss XP...

Please enjoy, and crits or comments are always welcomed

Monday, January 11, 2010

New year. New painting.

Damn, the last time I posted any art was back in Nov? C'mon Richard, you need to get your ass on the ball. It's a new year, so make that resolution a reality.

Guess, this will be my official start(I did another one prior to this. heh) for the new year, and it will be more paintings to better myself--Ryu style!

Hopefully I don't need to explain who this is, otherwise I'm already FAILing :(