Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sketch group sketch tag team!

So I went to the sketch group this week and met up with my buddies there. Me and Jon really didn't have any idea on what do sketch, so I started doing a caricature of our mutual buddy Jason. Jon ended up taking over the sketch and adding his own "spice" to it,(which made it look 100x's better than when I started it). I went back and finished inking this bad boy with my newly purchased Pentel brush pen that I was having a chubby for all night and telling everybody about how great it is if you use ink pens.

It really is a damn good pen. You really get some great brush linework out of it.
Thanks Derek, for the 411 on this :)

I don't think it looks like him, but other say otherwise :/


Jason Scheier said...

hahha! That is freaking hilarious man! :) Thanks for posting.

Richard Garcia said...

Haha. No prob bro. Now, get some sleep! I'll see you on Wed. ;p