Wednesday, July 22, 2009

El Santo Azul

So, it seems that I'm on this zombie outbreak concept mood these past two weeks. And I think I have at least one more to design. It just seems that I've had these ideas lately with some background stories to help sell the designs about people from all walks of life, living their everyday lives, now faced with insurmountable odds of the most violent and unreasonable kind.

So, for this guy, his name is Santo Azul. This idea came from me growing up watching classic movies featureing real life luchadores fighting everyting from vampires to wolfmen to, I loved that stuff, and sure do miss it. Luchadore affecienados (or Mexican peeps)will know the names that I combined to create this characters. They both have quite the history indivudually, and I can go further into that, but I think I'm already writing fricken enough as it is.

A once great and famous luchadore and movie star throughout his early years, Santo Azul is now a living shadow of his former self. Personal demons and media rumors destoyed everything that he worked for--reducing him to small time, almost no paying wrestling gigs just to make ends meets. During one of his bouts the outbreak hits the audience and he is left fending for his life as they attempt to tear him apart as they already did to his opponent. As he searches for other survivors and his children he believes that this was his fate. His fate to redeem himself, the sport and his reputation.

As the #1carnal rule for wrestling goes...

The show must go on.


Waay too much writing.

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