Thursday, October 20, 2011

Roller Derby Art

Hopefully, I'll see this up on soon.
Doing these are really fun. Hopefully, I'll have more time to do more, but with the holidays and other commitments, it might not be for another few months. But I'll try and squeeze something out when I get a chance :D


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irongiant775 said...

Oh, wow. New viewers! Thanks a bunch guys! May I ask how you found my work?
Thank you very much for visiting :D


Officer M said...

came to your site for references for a roller derby project. Yours are really good. I admire the tough girl facial expressions. I have to try and capture that look for some of my femme fatale characters in my graphic novels. Please Check mine out and give me your opinions and critique.

Officer M said...
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Anthrax Angel said...

Hi my name is Layla but otherwise known as Anthrax Angel. I wanted to ask if I could use one of designs for a flyer that I am making to recruit girls for a team I am trying to start. If not I understand.

irongiant775 said...

Hi Anthrax!

First thing, thank you so much for asking permission on using my art. The gesture alone really means a lot to me as an artist.
And second, of course you can! Is the blog image big enough for you?
Also, if you like you can follow me on my Facebook page. It's where I check there the most :D