Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pencak Silat warrior

Been watching this documentary series about two guys learning different martial arts styles for 5 days and then having them fight a martial arts master of that particular style. It's cool. So one of the styles I really liked watching was the Pencak Silat style. It's an Indonesian style that incorporates knives and sticks with hand to hand combat. So, I tried to incorporate the garb as well as the knife they use, but I think I'm off on the weapon. Hopefully, I'll have this colored too soon.
I need to fix dem feet. He has no weight on him...but that's what happens when you draw too close to the bottom of the paper :/


DJ Feral said...

hey there,
My name is George Kepner, I'm an Anthropology major at TMCC in Reno NV. i'm doing a research paper on incorporation of Pencak Silat and the Indonesian culture, where it shows up, why it's represented there, and a bit of migratory information both religious and combatative. i came across your sketch here of the Pencak warrior and was wondering (if you could at all) fix it a bit so that i could use it in my paper as just a filler illustration of the Pencak. i believe my email is in the link here for my post, if not it's DJFeral@gmail.com (and of course artistic rights and noteriety are given both on the page with the picture as well as my resource page.)
ps, the "knife" is a curved blade called the kuku machan(sp might be off) but resembles the shapre of a tigers claw. single blade from handle outward, almost like a cresent moon type shape.

Anonymous said...

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