Monday, June 2, 2008

DC Trinity sketch

So when it comes to drawing superheroes, there are two characters that have always been the biggest challenge for me: one is Superman, and the other is the Punisher. Ironically, these are two of my favorite characters too :P
Maybe it's because they aren't wearing a mask or anything fancy on their faces. I dunno.
Personally I think it's the character themselves. Cause the way I see it, their faces embody the character--it really can't be this generic looking face with a strong chin and chiseled cheekbones wearing the costume.

Well, that's how it works for me. I'm never happy with how those characters ever come out, but I was really content with this one. I think I was able to capture a good look for Supes. Reading what Alex Ross said about Superman and how he should always look timeless and not fit into an era really broke that "artist block" I had with this character. After that it was much easier to do, I even gave him some really black wavy hair that I think helped give him the timeless look.

I apologize for all this ranting for this one sketch, but hotdammit, I'm stoked that I drew a Superman I like!

And you know the other cats here too. Batman is Batman, and Wonder woman is whole nother' story :)

And what's with my "S"?!!

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