Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ideas that once were but never...

Oh man, talk about the golden oldies!
When we were young and knew nothing about the comic industry, a few good friends(even till this day) and I had all these great ideas for these characters, in hopes of getting them published that never came to be. Not the usual spandex stuff too, you know?

Although, a few of them, like my Amy America were created more recently, as opposed to some others, I still think they have some great potential. That and they were alot of fun to draw :)

On and off, this took about a week to finally get to this point.(GTA is the culprit!) I think there was more, pencil-wise that I could have tightened up, but I think I got the important parts of what I wanted out of it.

But enough talk, have at you!

all characters are copyrighted n stuff too, so don't get any ideas! ;P


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Joseph Lee said...

Great drawing! Cool designs!